UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler Speaks On Being in the Business of Inflicting, Upcoming Fight With Rory MacDonald & Tearing his Meniscus and Knocking Opponent Out in Same Match

The theme is straight forward and repetitive, UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler is in the business of inflicting pain.  Ever since being a rough and tumble child he knew that fighting was his calling.  With his Welterweight championship on the line, Robbie Lawler speaks on his upcoming fight with Rory MacDonlad on July 11 in Vegas.

Falling in love with the combination of wrestling and martial arts, Lawler discusses competing in a one on one sport where the result comes down to a simple will to win.  From tearing his meniscus in a fight and still knocking his opponent out to being taken out by Nick Diaz, Lawler has evolved his style of fighting to an elite level over the years.

Check out the full interview below and don’t miss Lawler vs. MacDonald on July 11.

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