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UFC Bantomweight Champion Ronda Rousey Addresses Cris Cyborg Comments, Giving Up Fight Secrets in New Book "My Fight / Your Fight," Working on "Furious 7" + Puts DB In an Arm Bar

Current UFC Bantomweight champion and holder of the fastest KO in UFC history, the incredibly talented and entertaining Ronda Rousey joins Sway In The Morning to break down her new book, speak on Cris Cyborg comments and showcase some serious moves on our own DB.

Discussing the pleasures that come with winning, Rousey speaks on her mindset while in the ring and how she blocks out all other sounds and sights other than what her opponent is doing.  Showing no emotion in the ring, Rousey counts on her incredible ability to focus as she continues to have success in the ring.

With the controversy that surrounds fellow UFC fighter Cris Cyborg, Rousey laughs at the fact that Cyborg has been making comments about her mom.  Calling her a con artist and a cheater, Rousey is not going to jump through hoops to fight Cyborg who has been caught taking steroids.

Landing roles in films such as “The Expendables 2” and “Furious 7,” Rousey outlines the process of scripting fights and the work she does with both the actors and trainers to ensure safety and authenticity.  She also speaks on her new book “My Fight / Your Fight” and the secrets she gives up about fight preparation.

We also hear Rousey speak on her brief stint as a bartender after competing in Judo in The Olympics and how that prepared her for media situations and helped her become more extroverted.

Oh yeah, Rousey also lays some moves down on DB.  Displaying how she could dislocate his elbow with little effort whatsoever, the studio gets a good laugh at his reaction.  Watch the full interview below.

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