Uber’s New Feature Lets you ‘Thank’ Your Driver

Let’s be honest, none of really go out of our way to thank folks for their service. This includes thanking people who hold doors, serve our food, and so much more. Well, Uber is aiming to change all of that, bringing any easy way to compliment your driver and give back some positivity in the process. Uber’s latest feature lets users give their drivers “thank you” notes; also known as Compliments.

The feature also allows you to send out “stickers” as colorful feedback for drivers and lets you give specific reasons of their stunning service. This includes descriptions such as “Above and Beyond” and “Neat and Tidy.” While the feature is simply for fun, providing no real benefit either way, it is a step in a different direction for a company that has been ridden in the press lately. Users of Uber can log onto the app now and find out about Compliments in a new section. Check it out, let us know your thoughts and look for much more from Uber coming soon!

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