Tyrese Explodes About Oscars “Blatant Racism,” Mainstream Radio, Chris Rock, and New Show on Oprah’s Network

There’s been a running theme of Oscar nominations over the years which has caused a tending topic of #OscarsSoWhite.  Even with a black host, producer, and president of the academy, things haven’t seemed to change.

Joining Sway in the Morning with pure passion and fire in his heart, Tyrese explodes about the subject and the shows “blatant racism.”  While Tyrese has no beef with host Chris Rock, he is urging him to step down from his position to evoke change in the way the show is run.  Simply sparking a dialogue is what Tyrese is preaching.  This needs to take place to look out for future generations.

Grammy nominated for his single “Shame,” Tyrese discusses his issues with mainstream radio.  If his single sits atop of the Billboard charts, why is it not getting spins on iHeartRadio stations around the country?

Talking about his latest venture, Tyrese expresses his excitement about working with Rev Run on “It’s Not You It’s Men” which debuts tomorrow (Jan 23) on Oprah’s OWN Network.  Talking through modern day relationships, Tyrese speaks candidly about parenting alienation and men that would rather stand in line to buy Jordan’s than spend time with their children.

There are incredible gems sprinkled throughout this interview, please enjoy and continue the discourse with Tyrese on Twitter @Tyrese.

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