Tyler, The Creator Releases His Freestyle “Ziploc”

Tyler, The Creator Releases His Freestyle “Ziploc”
photo: @feliciathegoat instagram

Tyler, The Creator has had one heck of a year so far. With his album charting at the top spot, despite leaking he has been able to carry a high torch and keep his head held high. Through all the adversity and backlash from this new found discussion of his sexual preference he has still been able to continue to go without any distractions. Tyler has always never cared too much about the media and what they say, but now that he is at the top of his game his focus is way beyond the music.

In this freestyle as well as his new album, Tyler has seemed to find happiness. This new found happiness that Tyler has reached has him surfing on clouds. In the freestyle he stated, “love, thats what i fall in, fell in i aint like sports growing up but now im balling, i guess im a late bloomer.” This new found happiness Tyler is where everyone wants to see him, and we are all glad to see his growth.

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