TY $ finally gives us then meaning behind his latest album title Free TC.

In case you haven’t had a chance to see it, the new “Free TC” documentary by Ty $ is so inspirational.

Ty’s latest album is also titled Free TC and this documentary gives us an in depth opportunity to look at the facts of he incarcerated brother, TC.

TC was found guilty in the murder of a fellow LA resident. He is currently serving a sentence of 67 years to life. Ty and the rest of his family and friends are adamant that TC is wrongfully incarcerated and they have a few pieces of evidence to prove it.

Apparently during the investigation period, the LAPD took advantage of witnesses and manipulated them to get the testimonies they needed to put TC away.

This short documentary was created to shed light on all of the men and women that are falsely imprisoned with no hopes of getting out.

Check it out and please feel free to share your story or comment below:


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