Ty Dolla $ign Interview: Inspired By Brother on Debut ‘Free TC’ Album, Collabs with Personal Favorites in R. Kelly and Jagged Edge

Dolla $.

After so many years of consistent content and quality music with tours that are always “lit”, it sounds weird to even call Ty Dolla Sign new project a debut but that’s exactly what it is. Mixtape fans have been getting fed for years, now it was finally time for him to craft what is an amazing project. While on SITM, he got into the inspiration behind it and how it felt working with those that he once looked up to.

A lot of artists will try to chase down what is hot at the moment when it comes time for album collabs but $ chose a more organic approach, reaching out to his personal favorites/biggest influences. Not only did he link up with the Chi Town legend R. Kelly but he brought along one of the best R&B groups of all time, Jagged Edge. Musically, the album has touches of legends as well – Earth, Wind and Fire caliber.

No More Spoiler Alerts: you’ll just have to check out the full interview below to see what other surprises the Ty Dolla $ign debut album ‘Free TC’ has in store for you and how he’s honoring his brother.

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