Twista and Rhymefest Speak Out Against Chi-Raq Movie + Why Common & Kanye Passed

Twista and Rhymefest Speak Out Against Chi-Raq Movie + Why Common & Kanye Passed

Pilars in the hip hop game, and in the Chicago community, Twista and Rhymefest, joined us on Sway in the Morning to give us their passionate thoughts on Spike Lee’s new film, Chi-Raq.

Spike joined us last week, and defended his movie — calling it a satire with no intentions of making a mockery of Chicago.

Twista and Rhymefest beg to differ. They pointed out that there were no Chicago writers involved, the language that was used was unauthentic, and the roles that were played depicted them incorrectly.

“You can’t have somebody (Nick Cannon) play a role, and not expect the people whose role he’s playing to not be like, ‘what is that?’ If it’s not authentic to what they are.” Rhymefest says.

Twista chimes in, using Spike Lee’s words, saying:

“Would you make a satire about Paris? A satire about 911? A satire about San Bernardino?”

If you notice, Chicago-natives Common and Kanye West were both not part of the film. Rhymefest says because they read the script and passed — because they too thought it was unauthentic.

Bottom line, Twista and Rhymefest think Chi-Raq is “exploiting poor people” and the film is not true to Chicago’s real-life. And the solution? Rhymefest proposes Spike Lee’s production company ’40 Acres and a Mule’ pay an inspiring film maker from Chicago to tell their story.

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