Tunji Ige Fades Away on The Love Project with the Video for “Ball Is Life”

Tunji Ige dropped one of the most under-rated projects last year from the comfort of a basement in Pennsylvania.  “The Love Project” featured 13 tracks, each one produced exclusively by Ige.

Preparing himself for his next musical chapter, Tunji Ige has rolled out the final piece of work stemming from “The Love Project” with the video for “Ball Is Life.”

“‘Ball Is Life’ is based around the mentality of a young black kid and the idea that ‘balling’ or entertainment are the main outlets that are preached as ways to escape,” Tunji told Complex. “The girl tries to escape her circumstances through vanity/drugs. The video is about escaping in different ways, and it closes out the ‘Love Project.'”

Directed by Glassface, the video showcases some vivid shots of scenery, a pick up basketball game and even a live look into Tunji’s notifications.  Check it out below and keep up on Twitter

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