True Blood Actor Stephen Moyer Shares Real Life Miracle + Life Being Married to Sookie

Video by Nahgee

Making his name through the hit HBO series “True Blood,” England native Stephen Moyer has become a household name in Hollywood.  Moving on to FX now with another amazing cast and creator for “The Bastard Executioner,” Moyer joins the Sway in the Morning team to discuss his role.

Going to theatre school outside of his hometown of Essex, Moyer frequently changed his accent from tough to fit his hometown friends to posh and refined for his school friends.

Working with the creator of “Sons Of Anarchy” on “The Bastard Executioner,” Moyer speaks on the whole experience and his full role on the show.  He also speaks on working with his wife which has become the norm after meeting during the pilot episode of “True Blood.”

To wrap up his appearance on the show Moyer joins DB in a game of Clear The Facts as he admits that he passed up auditioning for “Wolverine” because he didn’t like the script.  Check out the full interview and follow Stephen Moyer on Twitter @smoyer.

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