Troy the Magician Captivates Even the Most Stubborn, Like Adam Corolla!

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Who else watches the street magician on SyFy named Troy? He is a little baddie. If you don’t know who he is, let us hook you up on this slick street magician.

He modestly says that he’s just an Entertainer, and the craft that people perceive him to do is Magic. That statement in-and-of-itself, is one to ponder about for a minute.

To Troy, magic is something that we merely feel — stating,

I always say Magic is something that we feel. And you can associate that magic flows from different feelings, like love. You can feel magic in love. … I’m just a catalyst to provoke that magic of feeling inside of you.

After completely blowing Adam Corolla’s mind when he put the corner of a club card inside of his dollar bill, making Adam freak out and try to rip it out. From then on, his street magic has been leaving civilians in awe.

Paying homage to the pioneer, David Blaine who changed the way he saw magicians. Now he is on that same path, trying to change the aesthetic of what we perceive to be a Magician to be — and merely says,

I’m just trying to make it cool. Show you a different aesthetic as to what a Magician could be.

In that context, Troy tells Heather B he is definitely not a “Devil Worshiper“; and just because it’s considered black magic, he explains:

Everyone thinks in a lateral way; let’s say we think in straight lines.

A magician sort of weave through that line. So he’s blending what you see as normal with things that shouldn’t be possible.


Luckily, Troy isn’t selfish with his magic. He is about to let us in up close and personal in his new TV series on SyFy Network tonight, which will combine elements of street magic and close up illusions, with each episode culminating in one spectacular stunt. It’s titled, ” Troy: Street Magic ” so go over to your television sets right now because it is airing on SyFy tonight at 10 PM, Eastern time. You really don’t want to miss this.

In the meantime, before this highly anticipated premiere of ” Troy: Street Magic ” tonight — watch his interview as Sway and the crew grill him with questions, trying to get to the bottom of his trickery! With that being said, he takes his tricks from up his sleeve and lays out all of his cards on the Sway In The Morning table — fooling Sway and Heather B. Watch the sit-down, in-full:



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