Troy Garity Opens Up About Uniting Gang Leaders to Prevent Violence in LA, Remembering Time Spent with Grandfather Henry Fonda & “Ballers” Season 2

Troy Garity comes from a family of Hollywood greats, his grandfather Henry Fonda starred in classics like “On Golden Pond” and “The Grapes of Wrath.” His mother, Jane Fonda has also starred in countless movie roles. Joining Sway in the Morning Garity opens up about his lineage and his role on “Ballers.”

Thinking back on seeing Sway at VH1 Hip Hop Honors, Garity proves his knowledge as a hip hop head as he speaks on Sway’s legacy in the Bay Area. Getting right into “Ballers” he speaks on his character, Jason, having to sacrifice family for his clients as Sway jokes about a scene where Garity is handling two types of business at once, if you catch my drift.

Opening up about his grandfather he remembers spending a summer with him while he worked on “On Golden Pond.” Quite and reserved he says they fished together and painted. With his family rather fragmented he says the bond experience was truly special.

After speaking to DB about his role in “Soldier’s Girl” where he plays a man who was intimate with a transgender person he goes into talking about his work fighting gun violence in Watts, California. Bringing gang leaders together at his mountain home he opens up about helping to organize a cease fire with rivals in housing projects in California.

Watch the full interview above and make sure to tune into HBO for “Ballers” season 2.

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