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Trouble Interview: How Zaytoven Helped Him Change Paths, Their Joint Project and the “Otherside” of Atlanta

Multiple sides of Atlanta, one hub for consistent music and one of the only places where you see artists actively helping each other reach that next level of success often.

Trouble (aka Skoob) can identify with that in large part because of how far him and Zaytoven go back. While a friendship doesn’t always extend to business or vice versa, these two connected and helped send Trouble on a much better trajectory musically. Standing apart from the crowd has never been hard for the Atlanta artist from his speech to his unfiltered honesty.

While enjoying a quick sit down with the SITM family that felt more like old friends catching up, Trouble touched on him and Zaytoven relationship explaining the reason behind the project along with the Atlanta music scene in general – especially with the BET Awards/A3C right there in his backyard.

Get familiar with Trouble below, in a good way, then be sure to check out the ‘Zay Did It‘ project afterwards:


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