Trinidad James Worked For Everything as “Uncle James” Shows the Grind with Coop

They say when success comes too quick it won’t last. Trinidad James is proving otherwise after jumping out the gates with “All Gold Everything” which helped spark a smash hit with Mark Ronson, fast forward a couple of years and you can see a difference in his approach. After collabing with XXL Freshman Lil Dicky recently, he leaves the flashy flow in the past as he pays homage to the grind in “Uncle Jame$”.

After reading his comments below, it seems Trinidad might have a lot more to say musically, stay tuned!

“America has taught me a lot in my 28 years. One of those things is the real meaning of ‘Freedom of Speech.’ Freedom of Speech is very subjective. Freedom of Speech from what I’ve learned is more based on how you choose to use your voice. We all have a voice but what you choose to say and when you choose to say it is way more important. Prime example is the things that Jesse Williams said at the BET Awards weren’t the first time you ever heard them. It was just the first time you as americans decided to listen. CHOICE. Freedom of SPEECh is basically your opportunity of CHOICE. Choose Wisely MY YOUTH. BE Happy.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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