Tribe Called Quest Legend Phife Dawg Passes Away at 45

Tribe Called Quest Legend Phife Dawg Passes Away at 45

Every once in awhile our tough to the core hip hop world gets sucker punched by life as it deals us a blow we never saw coming. Today marks one of those moments, one of those days where legends transcend time and go from one of the greatest alive to one of the greatest of all-time. A Tribe Called Quest is without a doubt one of the most important rap groups of our culture’s history but that statement doesn’t hold true without Phife Dawg‘s contribution. As we pay homage to the “five foot assassin” we can collectively smile in realizing his impact was much bigger than those numbers indicate, Phife was a GIANT.

Outside of his music there are countless personal interactions with fans and peers alike that gave the world a personal piece of Phife that each can forever treasure. Sway reflects personally sharing his very own recent memory of the two hanging out:

“Last time I saw him he was performing at the Redbull BC one North America finals, last August. Heather B and I had a chance to laugh and perform with him. We talked sports and music. He was in a great mood and we reflected on how long we’ve known each other. I feel like that was divine intervention that we had a proper farewell.”

Tears may fall this week but let them be mixed with ones of joy as we not only say our goodbyes…but we also celebrate a great hip hop life.

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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