Trendsetter 101: Burberry Becomes 1st Global Luxury Brand to Land a Channel on Apple Music

Apple knows a little bit about setting trends and being the first of its kind when it comes to breaking new ground. The iPod, iPhone and iTunes are still breaking or hold records when it comes to Technology while its new endeavor with Apple Music continues to shake up the industry once again – birthing a brain child at every turn.

A lot of their partnerships you can see coming ahead of time because they are extremely organic but this one…came out of nowhere on several levels. The incredibly popular British brand Burberry has signed on to become the first global luxury brand to call Apple Music home for a channel of their own. You can find them impacting the “Curator” section very soon, as both saw the value in bringing one of fashion’s most recognized brands together with the steadily increasing number of talented British artists.

Burberry‘s Chief Executive Christopher Bailey sounded thrilled about the potential that exists saying,“There are so many extraordinary British artists and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to work with them and showcase their incredible talent.  Music has always been intrinsic to what we do and I am excited about our partnership with Apple on this amazing platform.”

September 21st will offer a great look at what the two industry giants have in store for us during London Fashion Week but in the meantime enjoy their brand new channel on Apple Music right here.

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