Treach and Chad B Join Sway In The Morning Live Broadcast from West Side High School

Treach and Chad B Join Sway In The Morning Live Broadcast from West Side High School

Akbar Cook is the principal of West Side High School in Newark New Jersey to an amazingly talented student body. Cook garnered a lot of national attention from the likes of Ellen and other media outlets recently when he installed washing machines in the school to help kids who were being bullied for their clothes not being clean. In a day in age when most people are only thinking about their own best interests, it is this type of selflessness that Principal Cool exhibited that gives us hope. And motivated the Sway In The Morning crew to do more to help after his appearance on the show a few weeks back.

There are a bunch of amazingly talented students at West Side High, and Sway brought the team out with some special guest appearances to motivate the group. Newark NJ ambassador and hip-hop legend Treach of Naughty By Nature stopped by to bless the stage and bridge the gap between old school hip-hop and the new generation.

Another Newark native taking off in Hip-Hop, Chad B hit the stage to give the students a look at someone from their hometown on the grind and rising in the music business.

The day kicked off with the Friday Fire Cypher where a few students came up to rap and even sing live.

Friday Fire Cypher Part 1:

Friday Fire Cypher Part 2:

Friday Fire Cypher Part 3:

Shifting gears the students got to participate in our Celebrity Wire segment.

The “Lights On” program is the initiative to help these kids beyond this moment is giving students a safe place during peak crime hours and helping to find initiatives for a better education. We have to step up as a community to help our next generation be set up for success.

If you’re interested in donating, sponsoring, volunteering, or mentoring students at West Side High, click here.

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