Travie McCoy and Sia are "Golden" Together

“I used to live wild, she came to slow it down.Who knows one day we’ll have a golden child…that’s word to Eddie Murphy.” – Travie in ‘Golden’ featuring Sia.

Some may know him from Gym Class Heroes while others may have been introduced through a feature with their favorite artist, one thing is for certain everyone that has heard the name Travie McCoy – respects his creative, laid back flow.  It was delivered on this track “Golden” coupled with Sia, whose voice is a perfect compliment to both Travie and the production team. The one of a kind video comes as a bonus just to make us want more from his upcoming album, sooner rather than later. Mission Accomplished.

Check out the new video from Travie McCoyGolden” featuring Sia below and be sure to support via iTunes here.

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