Tracee EllisRoss Freestyles on the Spot as T-Murda, Could This Be Best Female Actor/Rapper?

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Tracee Ellis Ross makes us literally, laugh-out-loud every week on the ABC hit show “Blackish” — so much so, that the daughter of legendary Diana Ross, had to swing by Sway In The Morning to shed some light on the crew.

If we laid out a list of Hollywood celeb.’s on her level — there are (sadly) a very few amount of them who still have their heads screwed on right and have not let the flames of “Hollywood” over power their sense of well-being. Instead, on rare occasions, we find gems like Tracee Ellis Ross who — rather than allowing the limelight to use her, she uses her limelight to teach the world that there is more to life than the glitz and glam.

Tracee is a bonafide trail blazer for women empowerment. Not only is she a successful actress, but her ability to uplift and inspire the community, has guided her path as a motivational speaker. While chopping it up with Sway and the crew, Tracee manages to delve into a much deeper level of spirituality and life with Sway as she went on to congratulate Sway on his success in raising his daughter (FYI: Sway’s daughter is currently stuntin’ on all of us, as a student of YALE University).

In that same context, Tracee speaks on her thoughts on something called  “the black experience” stating,

“The black experience is not a monolithic experience. It’s not the same for everybody.”

In regards to the controversial title of “Blackish” — she finally explains the meaning behind it by saying,

I think that’s part of what the title (‘Blackish’) is about. Is it about being black? Is it about culture? Or is it about identity?… It’s a broader experience of what it means for each of us; and what it means because of all these different parts of our circumstances.

It seems as though the woman doesn’t stop shining her light on the world — as she has signed on to Co-Host BET‘s upcoming, Black Girls Rock. Black Girls Rock’s mission is to highlight accomplishments of women of color who have made phenomenal contributions within their chosen careers, and also highlights women who stand as inspirational and positive role models in their communities. Performers are impressive, ranging from Faith Evans to Erykah Badu — Ciara and Estelle; amongst many other amazing women. Needless to say, who better to host this event — than our friend Tracee, right?

With that being said, this woman of natural comedic brilliance throws down a freestyle under the respected (yet, questionable) Rap name, “T-Murda“.

Once T-Murda stepped in, there was no stopping her from revealing it all! The incomparable T-Murda tells us all about Paul Walls influence on her image; as she re-educates us all on the real southern definition of what an “elbow” actually is (via: Paul Wall).

You’re going to want to watch this one all the way through, because T-Murda‘s freestyle will have you crying from laughter:


Peep the quick video of T-Murda getting her grillz imprint by Paul Wall, himself:

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