Tracee Ellis Ross Speaks on “Blackish” Tackling Topics Like Gun Violence and Police Brutality, Chemistry with Anthony Anderson and Who Should Play Her Mother, Diana Ross, In a Biopic

Video by YSKSK Media

Tracee Ellis Ross is funny, confident and passionate about using her platform for good. Coming into the Sway in the Morning studios with style, Ross nods her head to the music and jokingly breaks down her interpretation of the lyrics to Rihanna’s “Work.”

After catching up with Sway and the crew Ross gets right into “Blackish.” With recent episodes covering the topics of gun violence and police brutality we hear Ross speak on her love for the platform the show has provided her and the cast. Being that the family they portray is open, honest and most importantly believable they are able to tackle these subjects without the message feeling forced.

Joking about his role in “Empire” and other movies and TV shows, Sway pitches his idea to bring Sway in the Morning to “Blackish.” Pondering the thought Ross, Sway and Heather B think of a pretty clever tie in to make this crossover make sense. Will it happen? Who knows, but it was definitely worth a try!

With the incredible Anthony Anderson working directly beside her, Ross breaks down their relationship on and off the set. Being around each other so often the two have gained a true respect and rapport for each other and face it, they go together perfectly.

Playing ‘Keep It Real’ with DB, Ross reveals that she auditioned for “Malcolm X” in front of Spike Lee while she was in college at Brown University. Although she didn’t get the part she received some positive feedback from the casting director which made her think more about acting.

Being that there have been so many biopics as of late, both successful and unsuccessful, Ross breaks down who she would pick to play her mother, Diana Ross, in a biopic. While she would love the role for herself, Ross jokes that her and her siblings talked about each of them taking on the role of her mother during different stages in her life. Solange is also tossed into the mix to a very positive reaction.

Ending things off with Ross’ current side endeavors, she speaks on her role in Black Girls Rock and Special K’s Nourish Your Next which is set up to encourage women to celebrate their inner strength and beauty. It’s easy to see that Tracee Ellis Ross is a star on and off the screen.

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