TOXXX Launches Second Single “Side Bitch”

TOXXX Launches Second Single “Side Bitch”

The Lester Patterson Houses or Patterson Houses is a public housing development in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the Bronx, New York City. It is one of the largest New York City Housing Authority complexes in the city with fifteen buildings, six and 13-stories tall, and 1,790 apartments.  

As many as 50 alleged gang members were arrested in a federal sting at the Patterson housing project in the Bronx.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives said that they were targeting two rival crews that worked out of the Patterson Houses in Mott Haven when they swept through the area Wednesday morning. Twenty-three suspects were cuffed during the sweep, while the remaining 27 were previously taken into custody. 

Law enforcement sources tell NBC 4 New York the alleged gangsters were members of the Young Guns and 18th Park, a pair of small neighborhood operations. The rival gangs turned the Patterson Houses into a war zone, according to the sources.

These types of news headlines are abnormal for the average person; however, Darryl Simms, aka TOXXX, was born in the belly of the beast, and his future began with two strikes.  Growing up in a single-parent household and being black in America are two of the toughest challenges in life for young people.  TOXXX mother instilled love, music, and passion for success in his early development years.

TOXXX mother filled the house with “Motown” classics and soul music, which planted the seeds of passion. Being raised by a strong and educated woman paved the way for TOXXX.  During his teenage years, TOXXX began reciting rap lyrics from the most prominent rap icons and started building momentum towards his musical instincts.  

TOXXX literally “BET ON HIMSELF” in 2017 and launched his entertainment conglomerate “ToxxxicView.”
TOXXX’s new music imprint includes a record label, film development, global merchandising, and music publishing. 

TOXXX initial release “OL SKOOL” launched his music career into high gear and generated thousands of digital streams and impacted mainstream radio in multiple metropolitan markets. “OL SKOOL” quickly surpassed 30,000 Spotify streams within six months.  

TOXXX “BET ON HIMSELF” and he won.  TOXXX launched a second single titled “Side Bitch,” and the streets of New York embraced every verse.  TOXXX self-awareness is one of his greatest gifts and staying true to his musical roots.

TOXXX understands the high expectations placed upon New York rappers. The housing projects of Patterson prepared him for the unknown in the jungle of life.  TOXXX is the New Breed of Millennial Freedom.

Article features writing contributions from: Jonathan P-Wright 

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