Toure Weighs in On Hillary vs. Sanders Primary, Trump’s Divided Side, Productive Drug Users and Anonymous Book About ‘Why Men Cheat?’

Video by YSKSK

Author and politically well informed Toure stopped by Sway in the Morning following Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders New York Primary and just dropped a few thoughts on how things are looking for both sides. While Sanders is passionate about equality and genuinely wants to fight for injustice, Toure wonders how well he’ll do on other important areas as a President (foreign policy, etc. ) Interesting question.

It’s always great to hear the different perspectives, be sure to follow him on Twitter/IG as well @Toure and stay up to date as the primaries are chosen. It’s hilarious listening to his fact based jokes regarding the flip side’s policy approach in Donald Trump. But, as the months roll on and we get to learn more about each candidate – it is definitely going to be an interesting election if these campaigns have been any indication. Also, makes a great point after fielding a question from a citizen call in – let’s make an effort to get out and vote in Congress/Senate elections the same way we do for the Presidential race.

Check out the full interview above.

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