Total Recap of Eminem's Total Slaughter Rap Battle

Its been building up and it finally happened. Eminem’s Total Slaughter Rap Battle happened over the weekend in NYC. Thousands tuned in to watch the battles between Daylyt vs. T-Rex, Arsonal vs. Big T, Loaded Lux vs. Murda Mook, and the big event between Joe Budden vs. Hollow Da Don.
Check out the smack talked between T-Rex and Daylyt, before T-Rex won between him and Daylyt.

TRex vs Daylyt by randomvideos1
Check out the interaction between Arsonal and Big T, before Arsonal won.

Arsonal vs Big T by randomvideos1
See Loaded Lux and Murda Mook on Sway in the Morning, before Mook took the win.

Murder Mook vs Loaded Lux by randomvideos1
Plus, watch the intense interview between Hollow Da Don and Joe Budden, before Don took the Total Slaughter title win.

Hollow Da Don vs Joe Budden by randomvideos1

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