Tory Lanez Sets the Record Straight About Drake Trolling, Freestyles & New Album “I Told You”

Tory Lanez debut album “I Told You” drops on August 19th and he’s ready to yell the title at anyone that doubted him on his rise to the top. Joining Sway in the Morning to speak on the project he addresses Drake, the new Toronto and so much more.

With “Luv” currently blowing up the charts Lanez calmly states that he’s just happy to be in the position he’s in when asked about the success. After going No.1 on the rhythmic and R&B/ hip hop charts with “Say It” he is ready for his new single to break even bigger.

Getting right into the topic of Drake, Lanez says he doesn’t have a problem with anyone. He amuses the topic for a while before stopping things, “hold on man time out enough about Aubrey, we’re talking about me today,” he says. When asked about remixing “Controlla” he simply states that he likes the song and there’s no hate for Drake.

Rolling into the city of Toronto he breaks down what he means by the ‘new Toronto.’ Saying that things are more about unity right now he says he’s working on bringing young artists together. While on the topic he also speaks to a caller about some of the issues in the city currently and explains that much of the population of Toronto hails from the Caribbean.

Talking about recording mentality when asked what he spends his time doing, Lanez is confident in saying that he’s here to make hits. While he could be in the club he’s currently more concerned with making hits for people to party to while in the club. Never writing down lyrics he jokes that not even his hands get his help when Sway casually asks if he uses writers.

Stepping up to the mic to end things Lanez rips apart a pair of freestyles with complete confidence. Watch above and head to iTunes to pre-order “I Told You.”

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