Tory Lanez Interview: Spits a Fire Freestyle + Responds to Drake Comparisons

From Canada to the United States and beyond, Tory Lanez has been making noise with his music — and he proved why on Sway in the Morning.

Back when he was 16 he made headlines by putting up $10k, called Drake out, and said if he didn’t like his music, that he would give him 10 racks. Fortunately, his confidence and dedication paid off and he never had to cash out.

Since being from Canada, this rapper/singer gets frequent Drake comparisons, but he’s quick to shut them down with a 4-minute freestyle off the top… with this reaction from Sway.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 5.48.39 PM

Prooving he’s not new to this, Tory also reveals that he wrote a couple verses on Meek’s new album, plus is on the intro of Meek’s Lord Knows.

Watch above for the full interview and freestyle. What do you think?

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