Topher Grace Interview: George Bush Film ‘Truth’, Staying Fluid with Different Roles and Working with Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid + More!

Topher Grace is a familiar face to us all between ‘That 70’s show’, ‘Spider Man 3’ and ‘Interstellar’ but his upcoming work is a little bit different than what we typically see from him.

While visiting SITM he spent some time to brief us on his recent film ‘Truth’ which is centered around the 2004 60 Minutes drama regarding George Bush and the investigation of his military service. He also has a film coming up alongside Brad Mitt called “War Machine” being filmed over in Afghanistan. If you take a look at those five titles side by side and when they came out, it will show you his tremendous growth and range over time.

Not to mention he has shared the screen with a few of the greats like Michael Douglas, Dennis Quaid, Brad Pitt and many more. But, who was it that gave him his first “I am really here working with one of the greatest ever” moments? Check out the full interview below to find out and regardless of your political affiliation check out his latest film ‘Truth’.


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