Top Ten 2019 Sway In The Morning Freestyles

Top Ten 2019 Sway In The Morning Freestyles

2019 has proven that lyrics do still matter with a host of emcees stopping by Sway In The Morning to blaze the mic. There has been a lot of debate about what a freestyle is, but regardless of if it is off the top of the dome, memorized or pre-written as long as you get in front of that camera and perform when the lights are on it is alright with us! There have been a lot of dope rappers to step into the valley of the hyenas, and some weak ones as well. This is the list of our top ten favorite freestyles from 2019!

10. Grafh Takes On The 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle and Talks New Music

Grafh may have been late on Sway in the Morning, but his bars made up for it with a fire 5 fingers of death. Check out his latest project “Best of the Best”.

9. ASAP Ferg, Chance the Rapper & Taylor Bennett Trade Bars In Off Top Freestyle

ASAP Ferg woke up feeling great as he came through and freestyled his entire interview and the brothers Chance The Rapper and Taylor Bennett stopped in the room and the two had a classic hip-hop moment.

8. Jack Harlow 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

While in-studio, DJ Wonder threw on 5 complex beats for Jack to rap on — watch the 5 Fingers of Death.

7. Speak Drops Politically Charged 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

Speak stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about his new project Singularity and talks about the political climate between the USA and Mexico. For those who can’t sit through the entire interview, the freestyle starts at 28:00.

6. Marlon Craft Freestyle 5 Fingers Of Death

Marlon Craft bodies the five fingers of death freestyle on Sway In The Morning. His new project, ‘Funhouse Mirror’ is available now!

5. Nino Man Drops Fire Freestyle on Sway in the Morning

Nino Man couldn’t even let the beat really get going before he started burning up Mary J’s “No More Drama”. In one of the hardest and heartfelt freestyles, Nino Man laid it all out there!

4. Boogie Freestyles on Sway In The Morning

Boogie stopped by and blessed the new Sirius XM studio with some classic bars. There were so many quotable of 3 minutes of light work for the hottest emcee out of LA right now!

3. Locksmith Drops off a Fire Freestyle + Fat Joe Calls Him the Best

This one snuck in just before the end of the year and is easily one of the top freestyles. Fat Joe says Locksmith might be the best freestyle rapper he has ever seen. And it may be hard to contest with that.

…You can’t cover these bullet wounds with bandages,
We won’t fight for our people with disadvantages,
But camp overnight for Jordan’s and chicken sandwiches…


2. Oswin Benjamin Has The Best Freestyle Of The Year as He Murders 9 Beats for 10 Minutes

On the eve of his debut album, Godfrey dropping, Oswin Benjamin stopped by Sway In The Morning and dropped a 10-minute freestyle where he absolutely demolishes 9 classic beats. In true Oswin fashion, he finds an amazing balance of keeping his rhymes lighthearted but addressing real-life issues in the same breath.

..She knew America is focused on the exterior designs, put a filter on everything for the sake of a like. We so worried about the lawn, we aint even fixin’ the lights, we so worried about a wall, we ain’t even fixin’ the pipes!

Oswin Benjamin

1. Lil Dicky Freestyle on Sway In The Morning

Lil Dicky came back one more time following his epic 20 million views first freestyle on Sway In The Morning, and he might have exceeded himself with a hilarious freestyle touching on everything in pop-culture as our number 1 freestyle of the year.

Comment below on any other Sway In The Morning freestyles from this year that you think should have been in the top 10.

  1. Sway, the freestyle with Niko Brim, Jwalt and TR3 is definitely an honorable mention if not in the top 10!

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