Too Short Explains Why he Ran from Police, Longevity, & Teaching the Game

Too Short Explains Why he Ran from Police, Longevity, & Teaching the Game

Sitting down with long time friend and fellow Oakland native Too Short; our own Sway got straight to the point on Sway in the Morning, breaking down the Bay Area pioneer’s resume with “Three decades in the game…and he’s still going strong.”  In short, respect a legend when you see one.

Short doesn’t disappoint, describing the streets of East Oakland days as he grinded. “I was just 18-19 years old. There was no options…either you did it yourself, or you never going to be famous,” he explained. For him staying active in the industry and being willing to pass the torch has worked, “If you want longevity you just can’t…do what you did from day one. What I did for the Bay is, everyone that stepped up to the plate…I taught ’em the game.” 

He also kept it real about his brief time in LA County jail, where he was ironically put next to Chris Brown’s cell. Said Short, “I’d never spent more than two nights in jail at one time. I felt like, ‘I’m 49 I’m not supposed to be going to jail for the first time.” He joked, “My only experience I’m walking away from this is you really don’t want to go to jail. I been eating too good, too long. I just couldn’t deal with the food.” 

Watch the California OG in the full interview above:

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