Tish Hyman is the 1st Female Rapper of 2015 to Do 5 Fingers of Death Challenge & Thug It Out + Speaks on Crack, Battle Rap, Being Openly Gay

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Take a minute to thug it out with Tish because she is about as New York, as New York gets; she is undoubtedly one of the Bronx finest.

You may know her as a singer through the subway art song — and a powerful one, at that.

Having come in the game as a battle MC, Tish is used to overpowering her male competition, stating:

Rapping in the basements…that’s where I started. Battle rapping; Screaming at n*gga’s around the corner, letting them know I was here.

She also went on to spit her most fire freestyle she has ever come up with:

I’ll kill you on your birthday /

And dance at your party /

I go to your wake high, drowned in Bacardi /

I sing at your funeral and mourn with your fams /

I finger pop your Mother with your blood on my hands

Sheesh! Tish doesn’t come from a simple life, growing up in what she defines a “hood life” with no Father. Tish explains how she had to make her means growing up in the streets without a lot of guidance; which may be the exact things that ignite her fiery lyrics, to date. What’s your definition of a G? Because Tish will tell you exactly what hers is, through personal experience.

Stabbed at the age of 13, with guns around and fights breaking out on every corner — this chick knows exactly what it is.

Watch this greatly entertaining and raw sit-down with the phenomenal Tish and the crew, below:

Spitting a sick and quick freestyle on 5 Fingers of Death, Tish is crowned Queen — successfully being the very first female Rapper to throw down her bars, off the dome. This woman just set the bar pretty high for any female to come after. Peep it, below:

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