Tink Channels Aaliyah For The Creatively Classy "Millions"

The 90s were a special time for R&B lovers, an era that saw classics from Jagged Edge, Dru Hill, 112, SWV, TLC, Faith Evans and more. Despite being killed in a plane crash at just 22, Aaliyah has emerged as one of the most loved from that special time in music.

It’s almost a risk for anyone not named  Missy, Timbaland, or Ginuwine to sample her music, yet rising artist Tink takes on the challenge with ease. Backed by mentor Timbaland, she’s delivered a unique single appropriately titled “Millions.”

First debuted during Austin’s annual SXSW festival, the track puts the comparisons to rest as she pays homage to the late singer as only Tink can.

“I don’t touch baby girl’s records….you know that’s Aaliyah. I was riding home one day, asleep, she spoke to me in my sleep and said Tink’s the one,” Timbo explained.

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