Tinashae debuts new song “Player” at Red Bull’s #30DaysInLA Music Festival

Last night was Day 11 for Red Bull‘s #30DaysInLA concert series, and there was truly nothing more amazing than being their to witness Tinashe deliver a killer set in her hometown. To close out her set at The Regent she decided to do something special, announce the title of her forthcoming album, and give a debut performance of her first single from the project.

Tinashe‘s new album will be called Joy Ride, and although it’s not clear whether the project will impact before the year ends. The song is called “Player”.

[Article brought to you by: Mizz Dimplez]

Take a listen below:

We just recently had the very beautiful Tinashae in our offices over at Shade 45. Listen to her KILL the 5 Finger of Death Freestyle:


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