Timing is Everything: Jake&Papa 8:18AM Freestyle

Timing is Everything: Jake&Papa 8:18AM Freestyle

“Sounds like Outkast singin’ rhythm and blues… if not Sexual Warfare then what you listening to?” Yae, Yae.

Being the first R&B artists to take center stage for Hot New Hip Hop’s “Show and Prove” series, Jake&Papa set the bar extremely high for everyone that follows. That includes rappers and singers as the Cali brothers floated between top notch vocals and dropping more than a few quotable bars off the top. Their pen has never been in question but not many realized the natural talent these two possess. Effortlessly able to trade bars back and forth like someone invited singers to a cypher later realizing the competition couldn’t keep up. That doubt or hesitation some had in the back of their minds regarding these two is getting mighty quiet, for the rest consider this an alarm…the 8:18 is going off.

Jake&Papa – 8:18 AM (Show & Prove Freestyle)

“Hit Sway in the Morning had to freestyle in the mecca.” – JP. Check it out below:

sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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