Today TIDAL Launches Their New Podcast Series ‘TIDAL On Air’ The creative minds over at TIDAL are back, and they are looking to change the game. Today the word comes down as TIDAL launches their new podcast series, ‘TIDAL On Air.’ This new feature finds TIDAL offering up a wide range of podcast playlists from the likes of Angie Martinez, Minya “Miss Info” Oh, Elliott Wilson, Cipha Sounds and more.

Along the way influential names in hip-hop, Latin music and comedy will keep us up to date with music, news and more, while a variety of industry experts, personalities and entertainers will hold down hosting duties. TIDAL On Air kicks off today as members can listen to the first episodes of the “In Real Life,” “Rap Radar” and “En La Mira,” podcasts on TIDAL. Along the way Angie Martinez and Minaya “Miss Info” Oh give us a look at the life of music, motherhood and more. Elliot Wilson will relaunch the Rap Radar podcast with Brian “B. Dot” Miller as they give us interviews and music news. The new feature is undoubtedly an interesting one, and something worth checking out. Do yourself a favor and check out TIDAL On Air right now and let us know your thoughts.

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