This Timbaland and V. Bozeman Collab Will Put a "Smile" On Your Face

Soulful sounds, hand claps and that priceless Timbaland touch equates to the refreshing new track “Smile”. Calling on his in-house talent V. Bozeman for the beautiful vocals, the two deliver some “feel good music” with an emphasis on “I know we gon’ make it when I see you smile.”

The track is guaranteed to do just that as you press play, almost impossible to listen longer than a minute without slightly improving your mood. As we get the record midway through the work week, the timing may not be better for fans pressing forward through another Monday – Friday workload of stress and/or worry. Take a second to yourself, step away from your problems, throw on some headphones, turn up the volume and enjoy it with a “Smile”.

Check it out below and be sure to send it to someone else so they can share this piece of happiness during their week as well.

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