This One is for the QUEENS. Happy International Women’s Day.

This One is for the QUEENS. Happy International Women’s Day.

In honor of women every where…

Today is  International Women’s day and everyone all over social media has been going above and beyond in showing their appreciation for the very creature that brings life into this world.

In today’s society, women are beginning to be held to a much higher regard than just the care givers of the house hold. These millennial women have mastered the task of taking care of her family at home and handling her business in the streets.

Now the newer generation hasn’t quite endured the struggles of women inequality as much as our older generations have and we must say, boy have times changed. Back then it was more common for women to play the back field and hold down the fort while the man of the family was projected to be the provider and the head of the family. Even in settings outside of the home, men were always looked at as dominant and strong. But guess what, the 2016 woman is giving those men a run for their money.

A recent study was just done that concluded that in today’s age, women are the leaders of entrepreneurship. Women have taken on many of the same roles men have in the past. Not to discredit men in anyway (we love and need you guys), but the structure and strength that we’ve displayed should definitely be recognized on a day like today.

We need these women to raise our young Queens and to equip them with everything necessary to be successful. Nothing comes easy to a woman (except for unwanted stress from a man, lol. Just kidding fellas.) Our resilience and will power never lets that stop us though, we always keep pushing and demand to be heard. I’m glad to say that our voices are finally beginning to be heard and respected.

Although cultural differences may prohibit some women from receiving the proper education, jobs, or even respect; we still acknowledge those women who have a strong piece of mind and those who do not let their feelings be wavered by society’s expectation. We bow before you Queens.

Today we’d like everyone to take a second and tell all of the women in their life “Thank You”. Thank you for always being here when we need you the most, for being our rock, our solidarity, our sense of reason, our nurturers, mothers/sisters/daughters/wives, for being the most amazing creature God could’ve ever created. This is a Ode to Women.

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the Queens around the Globe. You deserve this day. Embrace it.

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