"This is the stupidest song I ever made" – OG Maco on his song "U Guessed It"

By Maria-Karmina Landicho

Certainly if you’ve been listening to the radio or have been keeping up to date with Hip-Hop culture — you’ve heard OG Maco‘s, “U Guessed It“.

In fact, it’s probably on heavy rotation for you. It’s catchy. It’s fun. In fact, it’s:

…the stupidest song I ever made,” says OG Maco.

Say whaaat?!

Just in case you’ve been out of the loop, let’s get you up to par. Watch the video below and then we’ll chat:

Now do you see why it’s so catchy? Maybe it’s that simple piano key and minimal production; or maybe it’s the sparse drums that catches our ear drums. Regardless of the reason, “U Guessed It” was a big hit last year.

Oddly enough, this 22-year old ATL. boy behind the track (OG Maco), confessed to The Hundreds blog  that he in-fact, thinks it’s terrible! Even though it sparked a huge movement within the social media world: Vine, Instagram, Twitter; Maco isn’t content with the viral content that he put out.

Furthermore, he was quoted:

I can make a couple more “U Guessed It’s,” and I can make millions off of those …”

On the bright side, Maco continued to say:

“But that was never what I wanted to do and that’s not what I want to push for all these kids who look up to me.”

Apparently, the Quality Control Music artist — wants to be seen as more than just a one-hit wonder for his infamous catchy tune. Maco wants quality. Maco wants art. So in contrary to his image, OG Maco ended up releasing a surprise 11-track mixtape, called the “15 EP“. The title ironically refers to the 15 millennial seconds of fame critics had assumed he had after “U Guessed It”. In that track, he raps:

“They said I had 15/I’m a couple of seconds up“

Take a listen, below:

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