This is Not a Drill, Frank Ocean May Be Dropping Album ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ This Weekend

Around 11 o’clock last night (EST), Frank Ocean appeared on his live-stream like a rare Pokemon, continuing building what we know now is a staircase, BUT with music playing in the background.

Could it be Boys Don’t Cry?  No one was sure, but as a whole, we collectively watched Frank Ocean mirror Bob the Builder and listened to the sweet sounds of a voice that has been missing for four years.



As expected, he finished building the staircase to heaven at 12:01 and everyone waited for an announcement that Boys Don’t Cry was finally going to be released.  Apple Music then tweeted that the live stream we were watching was in fact a visual album called Endless, that is now available to stream on iTunes.

While some where disappointed, true Frank Ocean fans stans remembered him announcing that he was supposed to be releasing two versions of his album, and that maybe an audio version of Boys Don’t Cry will be blessing our devices as well.  As God would have it, Rolling Stone has confirmed that Christopher Francis Ocean will be releasing another version of the project sometime this weekend *praise hands emoji*


So now, we wait and hope that Frank isn’t trolling us once again, because there’s truly not much more we can take.  Stream Endless here and tweet us your thoughts on Twitter @SwaysUniverse.

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