This 2002 Bugatti EB 110 SS Could Be Yours

This 2002 Bugatti EB 110 SS Could Be Yours

When it comes to speed, style, and craftsmanship, Bugatti is certainly at the top of their class. Through the years they have produced iconic rides that have become legends, instant classics and much more. Today we get a look at one such design, a 2002 Bugatti EB 110 SS, which is set to hit the auction block.

This beautiful ride features a quad-turbo V12 that pushes 611 hp. With a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 216 MPH, a record that still stands today. This eye-catching, black and red design was actually produced by Dauer, who bought the remaining parts and refined and assembled five EB 110 SS models. This rare ride is certainly worth checking out and definitely one to add to your fleet of rides. Have a look at the images below and head over to James Edition to learn more immediately.

Photos provided by James Edition

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