Things Get Heated In-Studio During our Political News Today with Mike Muse

Things Get Heated In-Studio During our Political News Today with Mike Muse
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Another horrible tragedy has struck our nation as three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana were killed yesterday by a lone gunman being identified as 29-year-old Gavin Long.

Our political analyst Mike Muse joined the studio this morning to speak on the events that transpired along with how the presidential candidates are responding. Muse describes the character of the Baton Rouge gunman as being similar to the man who killed officers in Dallas as they were both military vets. One caller voices his opinion on the benefits of military veterans lacking in comparison to those that serve with congress for only one term.

With Milwaukee police sherif David Clarke telling the nation in an interview that he predicted violence against police years ago Muse looks at the facts. Stating that police fatalities have been lower under Obama than Bush the facts of Clarke’s argument don’t make total sense.

Rolling into the Republican Nation Convention, Muse speaks on the Trump campaign making things more personal and having friends speak to allow voters to get to know Trump better. While he’s stated that he wants to be the candidate that brings law and order, his campaign has yet to show any policy on how to make that happen.

Things take an interesting turn as DJ Wonder states his opinion on things being a one sided argument against Trump as he speaks on internet propaganda leading people to believe the first thing they read. Heated words are exchanged but the dialogue brings forth important questions about how we are looking at the election and some of the things happening in our country.

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