theMIND’s Impeccable Visuals Continue with “Pale Rose”

Hailing from Philadelphia and now residing in Chicago, theMIND has collaborated with some of hip-hop’s brightest young stars like Mick Jenkins and Kirk Knight. Providing vocal backing on Jenkins’ “Wave[s]” and “The Water[s]” projects as well as joining him on his fall tour this past year, theMIND’s dream-driven content is beginning to make a wave all its own.

After releasing the visual for “Mercury Rising,” a claymation depiction of a young boy and girl who use their imagination to take them off the ground and away from their problems, the Chi Town crooner is back once again with a visual that will make you think. Keeping his looming, distorted sound intact, theMIND and directors Nathan Smith and Sebastian Sdaigui tell the story of a group of girls who leave their inhibitions behind in search of a little trouble and of course a good time. Like “Mercury Rising,” “Pale Rose” revisits a question while expanding on the song’s story-driven plot.

The visual comes to an abrupt conclusion when the group of girls crash theMIND’s performance in a violent matter while scattering the crowd. He explains the scenario to Noisey like this, “I don’t think my character is supposed to be real. I think it’s supposed to be like a figment of all of our imaginations. It’s supposed to be like the music that’s playing in the background.”

Check out the video above and let us know what you think of theMIND on Twitter @SwaysUniverse.

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