The Token Smart Ring Will Help You Control You Life

The Token Smart Ring Will Help You Control You Life

Technology has had quite an impact on the way we do things. Out electronics have gotten smarter by the day, and today we get a look at a unique and functional way to control these intelligent aspects of your life. Today we get a look at The Token Ring. THis unique and sleek design comes rocking Bluetooth and NFC connections that aims to replace items such as your wallet, keys, transit cards, passwords and more.

The ring features a fingerprint and optical sensor that locks and unlocks when you put it on or take it off. WIth a two-week battery life, this allows you to live your life without having to constantly charge your device. The Token Smart Ring retails for $249 USD and is offered in three color options of Brush, Black Rhodium, and 14K Rose Gold, with add-ons such as Door Lock and CarLock available. Have a look at the design up top and give us your thoughts. As of now, pre-orders for this year have sold out, but stay tuned for a potential re-release coming soon.

Photos provided by Token

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