The Takeover, Break is Over: J. Cole and Dreamville Release ‘Revenge of the Dreamers II’

Welcome to Dreamville.

J. Cole and the team made good on their promise of not only keeping us fed with quality music but the one made recently stating a ‘Revenge of the Dreamers II’ was on the way. Not only did we not expect it to surface until late this week if at all but the way its lineup was pieced together is shockingly great showing growth from the entire roster.

As their captain Cole wakes thing up with a track called ‘Folgers Crystals’, the tone is set as rap fans nationwide will be repping Dreamville after just 1 start to finish listen. Boasting a cold feature from Donnie Trumpet, the project found its way onto Apple Music for a sample much like ‘Surf’ did. But it’s crazy considering Jay is making waves over there at TIDAL – would’ve thought we’d get a sneak peek there first. Plus, the 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour film debuts on HBO Saturday January 9th.

Regardless, looks like another win for “Carolina’s finest.” Cam, Cole and Curry are all putting on a show. Enjoy the brand new Dreamville project ‘Revenge of the Dreamers II’ right here and catch the great conversation between Cole and Sway afterwards.


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