It’s been a big news week for a multitude of reasons and the Sway in the Morning crew took some time this morning to break them all down. Starting off with Sway appearing on TMZ he opens up about Diddy’s comments on the election saying he doesn’t believe Combs doesn’t want people to vote but is simply looking for a call to action for change in the community.

Moving on to Lil Wayne’s appearance on ESPN’s Undisputed they talk about his idle stance on Colin Kaepernick’s protests saying that he doesn’t know what it feels like to experience racism. Other topics covered include a teacher being dragged for her wardrobe on social media as well as Naya Rivera’s new book and statement on her ex-boyfriend Mark Salling who was recently charged for child pornography. Watch below and let us know your thoughts on these stories on Twitter @SwaysUniverse.

Published by Taylor Lovaas

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