The Streetwear Spotlight: 5 Streetwear Brands to Know This Fall

The Streetwear Spotlight: 5 Streetwear Brands to Know This Fall

The most influential brands we know are always influenced by the culture, mostly hip hop culture. Can you name one brand that hasn’t been culturally influenced? The colors, prints, fabric, and feeling the clothing gives you are all influenced by the trendsetters of the music industry. From the hottest rappers to media moguls. Here are 5 streetwear brands that you will want to know this fall.

Fly Supply Clothing

Fly Supply exemplifies freedom of expression and creativity through its streetwear collection by encouraging the mindset of a hustler and entrepreneur in its pieces.

You can see the bold catchy statements, “Supply and Demand”, “ Trying to have a Threesome with Money & Success, “Hustler”, and “Everybody Eats When the Vision is the Same Amongst the Team”, all on the brands gear to encourage the idea that being an entrepreneur and being fly is definitely a possibility.

The streetwear brand also encourages wealth, financial literacy, and teamwork through its collection of streetwear statement pieces that vary from statement hoodies, t-shirts, swimsuits, and more. The brands’ statement works hand in hand with the new rise of entrepreneurship in the culture and is definitely is an eye-catcher. Anyone who sees this collection won’t want to leave Fly Supply Co without grabbing a dope piece to rock.

Streetwear is all about keeping up with the latest hip hop and culture trends, and how could Fly Supply Co leave out the idea of representing your highest self when living a lifestyle that encourages being fly, all while stacking up and achieving success. You can see the idea of representing one’s highest self, in its statement “God Looks Like Me” women’s swimwear pieces. Who wouldn’t want to represent their “God Self” every day without these pieces?

You can find some of the hottest celebrities in their gear. These statement pieces definitely can’t go out of style when you’re promoting a lifestyle where you can be fly, all while achieving wealth and success and loving what you do at the same time.

You can check out Fly Supply Co at or visit their Miami Showroom, Airplane Mode to pick up your pieces.

Black Pyramid

Black Pyramid isn’t just any typical streetwear brand, but an extension of its creators love for dance, sci-fi, streetwear, and promoting positive black culture. The creator of “Black Pyramid”, is the one and only, Chris Brown. The American singer, dancer, actor, and entrepreneur.

We all know Chris Brown for his musical talent, but not everyone is aware of his artistic side and it definitely shows in the brand’s collection.

The name “Black Pyramid”  is a reference to black culture and Chris Brown’s fascination with the mysterious Egyptian pyramids.

On almost every colorful vibrant piece, you can find the brand’s statement symbol which is the pyramid. You can find many rocking the streetwear brand, but we often catch dancers with similar break-dancing and street style dancers to Chris brown, also rocking his colorful pieces. The collection is an extension of the creator and anyone who loves his music and dance, also share a love for his streetwear collection which is another way Brown attempted to connect his fanbase to him.

The collection is a fusion of break dancing streetwear, sports gear, and Japanese culture. You can find more from Black Pyramid on

Liv Streetwear

Liv Streetwear by Olivia Anthony is a brand that takes you back to the ‘90s without traveling back in time. The “My Love Letter to Our Culture” collection encourages the idea of self – expression and living boldly.

The bold colors and unisex pieces pay tribute to the style and culture of the 90s and embrace elements of black culture many were taught to be put under the rug. Twerking, grillz, neon colors, and 90s culture are all elements of Liv Streetwear that make her collection authentic, in addition to her statement pieces. The elements such as grillz and bold colors that  Liv Streetwear fuses into the creation of her clothing is important because it is now something that we embrace in the culture/Hip Hop culture.

You can find a variety of pieces such as colorful logo-heavy overalls, parachute pants, biker shorts, crop tops, and colorful sweatshirts in the Liv Streetwear.

Liv Streetwear’s audience are those that set trends, wear bold colors, and make a statement. Liv Streetwear promotes the idea of being the center of attention with everything you do and that starts with what you’re wearing.  Not only, can you find trendsetters rocking Liv Streetwear’s pieces, but you can catch SZA and Kehlani rocking her pieces as well?

Liv Streetwear is Olivia Anthony’s way of telling a story with her brand,  taking us back to the 90s with her colorful pieces that link us back to Hip  Hop culture as well.

The collection includes bold trendy eye-catching colors such as pink, yellow, and orange. What is amazing is that Liv Streetwear designs with the intent of getting both men and women into her pieces. Liv Streetwear’s collection also allows men to wear bold colors that only the trendsetters can be seen wearing.

You can find more from Liv Streetwear at

Cool Creative “ICONS Collection”

Terrance Wilson, the Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director of Cool Creative INC created the ICONS Collection to celebrate those who paved the way and represent perseverance, strength, excellence, and hope. The original drawings of these historical figures on their 60s civil rights and 90s influenced pieces are a call to action to make a change and do something using their artistic clothing as the vehicle to effect change. The historical figures in the iconic pieces include Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King, Nina Simone, Angela Davis, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and many more.

The ICONS Collection is an empowering, visually eye-catching collection that includes pieces ranging from shirt-dresses, sportswear, bomber jackets, t-shirts, caps and statement accessories.

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The COOL ICONS Dinner celebrated Black History Month with the COOL ICONS Fashion + Art Collection, a luxe streetwear line that features original drawings of iconic historical figures that used their influence to improve the lives of ALL people. The arts & activism experience featured an inspiring interview of artist, Terrance Wilson, an artful 6-course meal designed by Chef Ophus, a hard-hitting spoken word performance by Chris Leger and soulful vibes by Elements Band. . . . #coolicons #fashionlaunch #highsnobiety #sobefww #wearethemovement #sohohouse #bhm #brandactivation #fabolous #fashion #chefstable #thecoolicons #artivism #essencestyle #iconic #miami #southbeach #mlk #revolution #shepersisted #resist #movementculture #blckfamily #lolea #sangrialolea #artist #loso

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The brand also fuses street-style with elements of the military uniform look and African print. The ICONS collection pays tribute to our roots and the historical figures by depicting them as heroic figures in the original drawings. One of the key elements in the collection are the pins and patches that include the “ICONS” themselves.  Typically, patches and ribbons on military uniforms represent awards  & accomplishments, but COOL came with a twist and added the “ICONS” that paved the way for the culture. When we wear the ICONS collection, we stand with “ICONS” that paved the way.

The ICONS collection is an artistically visual representation that although we may come as one, we stand as 10,000.

The ICONS Collection has been spotted on a few celebrities and musicians, including Fabolous, Colin Kaepernick and many more. The collection has also been spotted in the 2017 “Wild Thoughts” music video with Dj Khaled, Rihanna, and Bryson Tiller.

“Wild Thoughts” DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller
James Klynn
Colin Kaepernick, Cardi B, and Hot 97’s Nessa. 


To find more information about the ICONS Collection, visit

Off -White

Virgil Abloh, the American designer, architect, and creative director Is the creator and designer of the brand “Off-White”.

Off -White, the exclusive luxury streetwear brand has a universally appealing unified look that includes construction-focused pieces infused with street style. The brand includes arrow symbols and diagonal lines that are often seen in construction areas to inform others of change in the design of specific areas.  These symbols indicate change, which is something we see Vigil Abloh doing in the Fashion industry. Abloh is bringing new styles and perspectives to an industry that is by the book and not so easy to influence.

The luxury streetwear brand has an avant-garde and edgy look. The term Off-White was inspired by the idea of having more influential people of color in the fashion industry, specifically high fashion luxury brands. Virgil Abloh is definitely changing the game, by being one of the most influential designers of color in the high fashion industry.  Virgil Abloh is known for breaking down and rebuilding elements of fashion and giving them a fresh new look. The brand has only been in existence for 7 years but has taken off internationally. The pieces are produced in Milan to ensure it is made according to Abloh’s quality standards.

Karen Civil

To find out more about Off-White,  visit—

Keep an eye for these amazing brands as they release new collections and always support the culture.

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