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The Snoop Dogg Interview About Conflict with Tupac that Inspired Airplane Scene in “All Eyez on Me”

The Snoop Dogg Interview About Conflict with… by SwaysUniverse

In honor of Tupac’s birthday and the release of his new movie, “All Eyez on Me” Sway in the Morning is resurfacing an exclusive clip of Snoop Dogg expressing a never-before-heard story about the last time he saw Pac and their last conflict.

During a recent interview with the cast of “All Eyez on Me,” the legendary producer, L.T. Hutton mentioned the clip of Snoop Dogg from our Sway in the Morning interview inspired the scene in the film.

Watch above for Snoop Dogg’s story and catch up with cast of “All Eyez on Me” below.

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