The Rob Report: Rob Markman Rates Fly Common's "GreyScale" a 7 out of 10

What’s up citizens this ya guy Rob Markman with The Rob Report, where we break down music for the game’s hottest artists. Last week we checked out Fashawn’s The Ecology and this week we’re going to the Bay with Fly Commons to listen to his new album Grey Scale.

OK so you think you got the Bay sound figured out right? Bouncy bass, slapping drums and pimped rhymes, right? Wrong. With his new LP producer Fly Commons shows fans a different, more soulful side of Bay area hip-hop. MCs like Erk Tha Jerk help out on “Art of War” while G-Eazy assists on “Fully Focused”

Grey Scale‘s strongest points is when Fly Commons simply pairs dope MCs with dope beats. It’s really that simple. “Elevators” with Traxamillion and “Hold Me Down” are standouts but “Art of War” is my favorite hands down.

For producers Putting together a cohesive album with a set cast of MCs isn’t easy and for the most part Fly Commons does that, though there is the occasional rough patch. Still, it’s new and different and gives us a varied another side of the Bay that you don’t hear on the radio every day. I’m gonna give Grey Scale a 7 out of 10. Well, let’s go, hit me on Twitter @RobMarkman, you know I talk back.

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