The Rawyals are Hands Down the Prettiest Girl Group Out and Can Sing!

Carefully pieced together by Kedar Massenburg, the man responsible for helping the careers of D’Angelo, Erykah Badu and India Arie, The Rawyals are here and ready to do numbers of their own.  Composed of Asia Shabazz, Bel Cabrera and Ariel Nicholson, The Rawyals stopped by Sway In The Morning recently to let us know what they’re all about.

Coming from different areas and walks of life, the girls of The Rawyals break down how the process of forming this girl group came about and how each member adds their own unique style.  Having been together for more than a year we hear about how these lovely ladies has learned to work together and know when someone is ‘having a day.’

Growing up singing Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill and much more, each lady steps to the mic to give us a taste of their vocal abilities while also teasing their new track “King Me.”

Check out the exclusive interview below and follow along with The Rawyals on Twitter @WeAreRawyals.

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