The Queen of Neo-Soul and her many many talents… like Killing Hosting the 2015 Soul Train Music Awards!

The Queen of Neo-Soul and her many many talents… like Killing Hosting the 2015 Soul Train Music Awards!

While still living on the high of releasing a new project, the Queen is on a roll.

Erykah Badu was given the honor, or maybe we were given the honor of her, hosting this years Soul Train Music Awards.

Now before the show officially kicked off, Badu was in full on Lo Down Loretta Brown mode at the pre show giving the audience tunes to vibe to.

Of course, it took no time for social media to take advantage of Erykah’s opening skit. The Queen kicked the show off with a rendition of some of her most notable hit like “On & On” and “Love of My Life”.

She then cut the music to properly greet the audience to where she performed a skit where she began taking phone calls – an ode to her new mixtape But You Cain’t Use My Phone. Someone she portrayed to be Australian artist Iggy Azalea, called to where Erykah told her “you can come because what you do is definitely not rap,” the audience got a few kicks off as well as everyone watching.

As the show moved along, she keep the audience captivated and entertained with her intros and sketches.

About an hour into the show, the Queen returned to the stage to perform a single off of her new mixtape “Phone Down”. She was seen taking the phones of the front row participants not caring who they were or what they were doing on them. What would this performance have been without a tribute the the song that named the mixtape, “Tyrone”.

her hosting definitely brought something unique to this years Soul Train Awards and we honestly wouldn’t mind if she did it every year.

Recently Seven’s mom stopped by our Shade 45 studios to promote her new project as well as how to make your pum-pum cast spells. Who would’ve knows she added OBGYN to her many titles? Check it out:

Make sure to tune back in on the morning of December 2nd to witness a live mixing set from the Queen as Lo Down Loretta Brown.

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