Terrance J has been a friend of Sway in the Morning for a long time, so when he announced he was leaving his post at E! News to make a movie we had to get the inside scoop.

Out in theaters now, “The Perfect Match” find Terrance J as both the lead actor and executive producer. Playing a young bachelor who can’t seem to stay in a relationship, Terrance’s character Charlie is challenged to go after something for more than just physical.

From getting advice from Will Smith about leaving something he loved to start a new chapter in his life to taking calls from Diddy about physical scenes with Cassie, Terrance J gave us everything we needed to know about the film.

It’s always commendable to watch people follow their dreams and go after what they really want, something Terrance J seems to have full control over at the moment. Also starring the likes of Donald Faison, Paula Patton and Lauren London, “The Perfect Match” is sure to have something for everyone.

Check out the full interview and check your local listings to see where and when “The Perfect Match” is playing near you!

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