The Past Confuses the Present for Joe Budden and Eric Bellinger in “Where Do We Go”

“Are you in that mood yet?” That tag still rings off in my head anytime new Budden surfaces but these days the mood is a little different as he prepares to release his album ‘All Love Lost‘.

Channeling emotions of girlfriends past is not a new feat for Joey but this time around he brought some help to get the point across. The talented dual threat Eric Bellinger gets the assist on the new single “Where Do We Go”. The relate-able struggle of going back to what you know and love vs. something new always seems to find a home  no matter who delivers it. Budden just happens to do it better than most…consistently.

Check out the brand new drop below and hit iTunes for the #AllLoveLost pre-order ASAP.


sitting between a dream and reality enjoying the view. blessings.

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